Sparrow's Tale
Welcome to the MUSIC of Stephen Bloodsworth!

New stories in song told with voices, guitar, bass, Bulgarian tamboura ...
                                                                    ... and endless amounts of passion.

  The Bulgarian tamboura has a vast and interesting history and is one of the most beloved of the Bulgarian folk instruments.  This reverence is historically preserved in the instrument by retaining the name of the country that created it.  Projecting a distinctly Middle Eastern sound, the Bulgarian tamboura resonates well with the spiritual depth of Stephen Bloodsworth's songwriting.  As it turns out, Stephen's chance encounter with the tamboura unlocked a Universe of unexplored emotion and creativity.

Listening to Stephen Bloodsworth's original music is an engaging experience.  What makes his music unique is Stephen's songwriting—every song is heartfelt, some are probing, some are urgent, while others bounce with humor—but all point to ways in which life can be lived more fully.

Along with guitarist Nancy Joie Wilkie, the duo utilizes various combinations of acoustic guitar, tamboura, Irish bouzouki and bass guitar to create songs reminiscent of the great music from the 60's and 70's psychedelic folk rock era with added dimensions of World and even Country music.  Additional players are added to the lineup occasionally for select shows—but the core of Sparrow's Tale remains Stephen and Nancy.

All music in the Sparrow's Tale portion of this Web site was performed and recorded by Stephen Bloodsworth or Sparrow's Tale.  Additionally, you can explore Nancy's music by clicking on the left navigation bar or visiting her Web site (Mindsongs Musique).

Stephen Bloodsworth and Nancy Joie Wilkie are available for private functions, parties, and any special occasion that calls for truthful and passionate music.  You can reserve a date by sending Stephen a note.  Thanks for stopping by!


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